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That's right......take it all in...........the beauty that is Ellen. Marvel at my moustache....Go Ahead! I can't say that I blame you. John Barrymore....Eat your heart out!

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"The Life And Times Of An Attendance Monitor"

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Hello and welcome to my page. I'm Ellen, the self-proclaimed attendance monitor on an internet discussion board. It all started when someone didn't show up on the board for a few days. I wanted to know where she'd been. Now, people ask for my permission to be gone from the board for even a couple of days! What began as a lame joke, has since become a lame way of life. Go figure!



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A special thanks to my friend, Lulu, for all the help that she gave with the pictures of "me" and for all the time she spent giving me ideas and advice. We began creating our pages at the same time and somewhere along the way, she surpassed me in html knowledge (and I don't even want to talk about Paintshop Pro!) It's a good thing, too or I'd be in trouble! Thanks Lu!